Klopp turns a blind eye to Liverpool's attitude

Jurgen Klopp has responded rather strongly to accusations that Liverpool were not ready for Manchester City in their 4-0 hammering. 

Klopp told Sky Sports: “I saw a brilliant attitude. I saw fight. We didn’t behave like somebody who became champions a week ago – that was all good. We lacked fluidity, that’s for sure. And in some 50-50 situations they were quicker than us in mind.

“They used their chances and we didn’t. City were 100 per cent deserving, of course, but a 5-3 would have been possible as well. But it’s 4-0 and we have to take that.”

“If you want to lead the story in the direction that we were not focused on that game, then do it. I like my team how they set up. I said that and I thought that was clear. I think we proved that point. And City proved they are an unbelievably good team. Isn’t it nice that another team can be champions even when City is around and plays this kind of football?

“City are incredible. I’ve seen their games – they haven’t played a bad game all season. Even when they lost they still played really good football. But in the end the situation is like it is.

“We had moments. You watched the game completely calm, why do you ask me if we had decent chances? It makes no sense this question.

“We had decent chances, so ask me about them. We had chances, we got into situations. We didn’t use them, that’s true. Maybe we wasn’t clear enough but we had moments where we could have score and we didn’t. In football if you don’t score it’s difficult to mention chances as everyone forgets them immediately – even I forget them, but that’s the situation.

“All is OK. It’s not nice, it’s not what we wanted. I wanted to see we had the right attitude and we did, so I’m fine. And the result we have to take.”

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