Klopp vs Pep vs Jose vs Frank vs Ole vs Mikel - Who was the best..player?

Here are some stats and statements first to show you that these guys are all natural winners.

Klopp – Current European and World Champion and 106 out of last 114 points won in EPL.

Pep – Over 35 trophies won in less than 12 years.

Jose – Champion in Italy, England, Portugal, Spain in less than 10 years.

Frank – A team with no first team regular put into CL spot, a team with overaged players taken to knockouts for promotion in first two years of management.

Arteta – longest team to stay unbeaten in 2020.

Ole – 17 wins in 20 matches in his debut as United’s caretaker manager.

While all these stats make for fancy reading and show they all are or can be brilliant managers – how were these guys as players!

Klopp was a forward who played in second division as a substitute player at best. Pep was a Barcelona midfield player but later struggled to stay at the top level for a long time. Jose never played professional football.

Arteta never made the national team regularly while Ole was a substitute player all his life. This leaves Frank who it cannot be denied is possibly one of the best midfielders in the Premier League history, no matter how much we Liverpool fans hate him for Steven Gerrard.

So looking at an overall professional career as both player and manager, who would you vote for as the best?

My vote would see Pep edge Klopp owing to his success as a player for Barcelona but hats off to Klopp’s resilience to become a footballer philosopher from a forward in second division German football.

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