Klopp Warns Man City: CL Might Reduce Chances Of PL Title For City

Jurgen Klopp has admitted that if Manchester City get to second stage of the Champions League, taking the PL title from Liverpool might get tough for them.

“For pretty much all the teams, it is the same, apart from the teams still in Europe,” said Klopp.

“I don’t know how they’ll sort that. If City go through to the Champions League final, that’s the end of August. It’s really tough then.

“Or [Manchester] United and Chelsea and Wolves – they’re all still in Europe. That’s really tough.

“For us, it’s already tough, but we can deal with it. We cannot start until other teams have finished.

“It will be September, I guess, when we start again. This period we will use for a break and pre-season.”

Liverpool will be facing Brighton soon on Wednesday – and because of so many matches happening in a short span of time, Klopp is concerned about the team getting tired.

“When we heard about the fixtures, it was tough. It’s tough for everybody, but when you get yours, you don’t look where others play,” Klopp said.

“We know we have these kind of fixtures around Boxing Day, where we play 48 hours after the last game, which makes absolutely no sense and never will make sense. I stick to the opinion that’s a crime, but three days [to recover] is kind of okay.

“We had to make a decision: would we travel on the matchday? But Brighton is not around the corner, especially the airport is not around the corner, so we would have had to travel a lot.”

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