Andy Robertson insists that captaining Scotland to the Euro 2020 would be as important, if not greater than winning the Champions League with Liverpool.

The left-back wants to pull off the similar feats of success at international level as he has done with the Merseyside outfit this past season. Robertson wishes to continue racking up silverware under Jurgen Klopp but his immediate need would be to return Scotland to the international tournament, the one they have missed for the past 22 years.

“Once you get a feeling for trophies and going far in European tournaments with your club then you want to replicate that with your country,” said the Reds defender. “Us qualifying for a major tournament would be a huge step in that direction but we know how hard that will be and what’s required to make it a reality.

“It does make me more determined. On hundred per cent. I want more of the feelings that I had on Saturday.

“I want that success at club level more with Liverpool – it is not just like we have won the big cup and let’s all pack it in now. I want to win more trophies for Liverpool and bring success to Scotland too. To do that, we need to go again, we’ve got a new start now and we need to qualify for the Euros because that would be AS special, I feel.

“I can’t tell you how we’ll feel until we do it but hopefully you’re asking me next year when we have completed that qualification. We thought we knew what winning the Champions League would feel like before but having actually done it, the feelings are far better than I could ever have imagined.

“Sitting here when qualification has not yet happened, I can say it would be a very proud moment and up there with my biggest achievements to date but I’ll be in a better place to answer that when hopefully it happens. I know from the lads back in Liverpool that it is a huge honour. It’s something I want to do but we need to now take steps towards it. Right now I can only keep that thought in my head to drive us forward.”

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