Liverpool Allowed A PL Trophy Presentation If Crowned Winners

Premier League has confirmed for Liverpool a trophy presentation if they were to be crowned winners.

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters assures that a presentation shall take place, however, providing that it is absolutely safe to do so.

“If at all possible, yes, you’d like to have a trophy presentation,” Masters said on Monday.

“You want to give those players and the whole staff the moment they worked so hard for, if that’s what happens. Yes, we would try and do it, unless it wasn’t possible because of safety concerns.”

He also spoke about getting the games at the top of the list out of the way and praises Bundesliga’s restart.

“It is a relatively normal occurrence for, at this stage of the season, there to be displaced matches that have to be played,” he said.

“But I think it is a good idea to prioritise games that have to be played first relatively early in the schedule.”

“The Germans are a couple of steps ahead of us obviously and we can learn from them and watch them and take confidence from their success,” he added.

“I think starting the league, watching it being played out, seeing the quality of football and observing the package from behind closed doors, how it was broadcast was really helpful for the Premier League and our other European Leagues’ colleagues.

And just like Bundesliga, Premier League hopes to have a positive start as well.

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