Liverpool Backed To Overcome 3-1 Deficit Against Real Madrid

Liverpool must be calm to overcome the deficit against Real Madrid.

After taking on a 3-1 defeat in Madrid, the Reds left it with all to do at Anfield this week, in the quarter-finals second leg.

Former Liverpool boss, Rafael Benitez said, “The way the tie is, if you score once, you are back in it. Even if that takes an hour, so be it.

“For me, the key will be not to get too anxious – for them to manage that anxiety – don’t rush it. Maintain concentration levels and keep focused. With quality players, a goal will come.

“But Liverpool have to be in a position where they can keep a clean sheet – and they will have to be more aggressive at Anfield and play with greater intensity over 90 minutes than they did in Madrid.

“Sadly, they cannot rely on the crowd to provide the spark for that.

“In my experience, the supporters at Anfield have been a huge factor in those European nights. I don’t think you can dispute that. It has been one reason for their success. One hundred per cent.

“Now, that drive will have to come from within.”

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