Liverpool could lose every game and not get the title, according to Premier League

Apparently, it is believed that Liverpool should not be given the League title – since they could still lose ‘every game’ and lose the title – hypothetically.

With the suspension of Premier League, there have been questions about who the league title will be awarded to – will it be Liverpool?

However, according to Alan Smith, a retired footballer, Liverpool might just lose all their games in the upcoming matches (if the League is resumed again) – and if that happens, then there could be a possibility that Liverpool could end up not being on the top.

Smith does admit that the probability of the Liverpool losing each and every of the 9 remaining games is definitely quite far-fetched. However, he still believes that Liverpool shouldn’t just be handed the Premier League title just because they are on the top now. 

Eventually, though, a decision had to be made about what to be done about the situation.

“We could theoretically go into August, September maybe at a push, I don’t know,” Smith said, as quoted by Mirror.

“So that’s quite a long time from now and you would hope that you would be able to play football by that stage.

So they may have had a chat amongst themselves as to when that line will be drawn, when they might have to look at bringing an end to the season.

“It’s impossible I think to do it in a fair way. Liverpool fans will obviously say ‘we’re going to win the title, you could give us the trophy now’ but at the end of the day, mathematically they haven’t.

“Theoretically the wheels could come off, they could lose every game. Of course it’s not going to happen but we have to go along with the maths really.”

Currently, there are still teams who are trying to retain their position in the Premier League and get relegated. More than the big teams, it is believed that the smaller teams will suffer because they will not get a fair chance to fight their way out of relegation. 

It is only a matter of time till a decision is reached, but when, we do not know.

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