Liverpool face FA Cup heat despite youngsters playing well

Liverpool crashed to a 2-2 draw against Shrewsbury in the FA Cup. 

Although everyone is crediting Shrewsbury, the young Liverpool team should also receive some praise for their performance. However, Klopp’s post match infuriating comments totally shifted the focus and now Liverpool are facing heat from everywhere in England.

Rio Ferdinand had a lot to say.

‘When you’re a successful team and fighting on all fronts – Liverpool are that at the moment – and so I totally understand he’s going to shuffle the pack in a game like this,’ Ferdinand told BT Sport.

‘He wants to ensure his squad remain fresh and if he feels he can get through to the next round with a lesser team, a younger team, then so be it. ‘He’s giving great experience to young players as well, they will be licking their lips at the thought of playing at Anfield for Liverpool. ‘The only discrepancy I have and where I think he’s probably taking a liberty in some ways is that if he’s not going to be in the actual dugout. ‘That’s where I draw the line, I think the manager should be in the dugout. ‘Every game, doesn’t matter if he’s putting out a depleted squad or not, he should be in there.’

Martin Keown echeod Rio.

‘They had the opportunity yesterday to put out a stronger team, they were comfortable in that match, and it was probably the most disappointing performance Liverpool have had in the last two or three years, they were a little bit complacent, Shrewsbury were magnificent, got back into the game. ‘I just feel Jurgen Klopp should reflect on this and come back with a different story. ‘If I was a player in that [Liverpool] dressing room I’d want to actually win the FA Cup.

‘This is an amazing Liverpool team, and part of making that team great is winning every trophy. ‘So I feel they should put out their strongest possible team, they’ve not won this trophy before, they should be asking the manager: ‘look we can do this’. ‘Just for two weeks we’re talking about life being different, they want a two-week holiday, when if they change that a little bit, put a strong team in and get past Shrewsbury.

‘But I think Jurgen Klopp is worried about what the FA Cup does to the Champions League in the latter stages. That’s the problem, the next rounds [of the FA Cup] will be played midweek, it gets even more congested, the Premier League is pretty well won, but the Champions League is a concern. ‘I think they are talking about playing the team that were thumped by Aston Villa in the Carabao Cup. If it was good enough for Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley, it should be good enough fro Jurgen Klopp. ‘These are the rules, we’ll change it in the future, we have to have a winter break. But I think morally he needs to play his best team out of respect for the competition. ‘I think those players will regret that. Their careers are a long time finished, and here they are with an opportunity to win multiple trophies.’

Murphy was not pleased either.

Murphy told talkSPORT: “I’m completely with Jurgen Klopp in protecting his players when they’re pushing for the league for the first time in the 30 years and they’ve got the Champions League still.

“Protect your players, I understand that; you’ve got a big squad, you’ve got good youngsters, rotate the team – no problem.

“But I think he should be there. He should be at the game. I don’t think there’s any reason for him not to be there.

“Wherever he’s flying to, whatever holiday he’s got with or without the players, whether they’re going away together or he’s given the players time off, he is the manager.

“He’s not running round the pitch every three days, he’s just walking about the training pitch and in the dugout.

“As the manager, the impact of being there for those younger lads who play on the day is massive.

“I’m telling you it would make a difference to their performance. I know as a young player, when the first-team manager comes to watch you, even at a training session, the tempo goes from seven to ten.

“A part of his thinking may be that he doesn’t want to overshadow Critchely and what he’s doing with those young players… but I don’t think it would.

“So wherever Klopp is, this is at Anfield so he can get to the game.

“I completely understood the Club World Cup; it was nearly impossible for him to be at both games in 24 hours, but this is a bit different.

“I’ve not got a problem with what team they put out, but I think he should be there and I think it would help the players if he’s there.

“And I’ve got a feeling he will be there. I think this might change.”

Although all these pundits may be right, this has completely shifted the focus from Liverpool’s brilliant performance from these young boys. Well not everyone has forgotten. The LFC Instagram at least remembers!


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