Liverpool fans branded as 'special' kind of moron

Prince Williams was booed by Liverpool fans before the FA Cup final game.

There were a number of Liverpool supporters heckled ‘God Save The Queen’ and Prince Williams just before the FA Cup final game.

Many from the footballing community and beyond didn’t condemn the action for booing the national anthem.

Simon Jordan failed to understand the reasons behind the booing.

“You’ve got to be a special brand of moron to boo the national anthem,” he said on White and Jordan.

“I think it’s a spirit of an outlook and disposition that is not a

“I can’t relate to it. If I could relate to it I’d feel there’s a bigger tragedy because if I could relate to that kind of behaviour then I’ve got a problem as much as they have. I can’t relate to it.

“I can’t see whatever your grievance is about whatever country you live in, the argument that somehow because there’s difficulty in this climate, we’re all having a difficult time, the cost of living crisis, you boo the national anthem because you don’t like the government.”


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