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Liverpool FC Latest Results 2019/20

Liverpool FC Latest Results 2018/19

Liverpool FC latest results today – Premier League Results 2019/20

Liverpool Latest Results? The Liverpool FC fixtures will be published separately. Here you will find correct Liverpool FC latest results as of 27 July 2019. Here we look at the latest Liverpool FC results 2019/20.

Liverpool have done so well this last season despite failing to win the Premier League in 2019/20. They finished second in the Premier League with 97 points, the highest points ever recorded for a team to finish second, and the second highest points ever recorded by any team ever. They lost the league by only one point to Manchester City in what was one of the most powerful and exciting Premier League races ever.

However, their heartbreak in the Premier League was washed out by their success in the Champions League where they came up against the toughest of all challenges but thrived against all odds to win the trophy; their sixth European trophy in the Reds’ history.

They did not fare so well in either of the two domestic cups; the FA Cup and the Carling Cup but those little blips hardly define their season. Instead it was defined by their overall brilliant display of football in all competitions, their entertaining style of play and also their never say die desire. Liverpool were the team to watch last season. Not for nothing, are they the best team in Europe right now!

Liverpool FC latest results and situation 2019/2020

After a brilliant season in 2018-19, Liverpool have not done so well in the summer transfer market. The transfer market has seen so many teams, especially the Spanish ones thrash around money once more after failing to win anything significant last season.

However, in that comparison, Liverpool have not signed any decent player, forget star signings. Their boss Jurgen Klopp has stressed multiple times on the focus of having a team which can play together instead of having star players in the side and may be that is why they have been taking it slow.

When asked about the signing of new players, his reply was a little scary.

“It’s not easy,” Klopp told the Liverpool Echo. “I said last year that to improve the team is not easy with reasonable money. With crazy money, you always can do it – okay, you pay whatever you want, then it’s possible.

“We are not a club like that. We cannot do that. We are really wealthy but we cannot do what some other teams are doing. That’s how it is.

“But we don’t have to. We have to find solutions during the season. Yes, you find sometimes the solution in the transfer market and we have done that. I don’t have to name the players, everybody knows. But otherwise you have to find the solutions on the training ground and that’s what we do now.

“We are still looking, but it will not be the [biggest] transfer window of LFC. It just will be a transfer window. We will see what we do, and if we haven’t done anything by the end it will be for different reasons.

“It’s about using this team. In the transfer window, you have to build a team that you think you want to go into the season with. But I have that team already. If we can bring somebody else in that makes it even better, we will see. But if not, this team is already there. And again we will have to find solutions at different moments.”

He had said similar things earlier as well, in July first week when asked about the state of new transfers.

“We are pretty relaxed in that, we will see what’s coming up,” he told the club’s website.

“How I said, it will not be the biggest transfer window of LFC. We invested a lot in the team in the last two years, I would say. We cannot spend every year in the same manner.

“People talk about it like, ‘Now another £300million or £200m’. There are maybe only two clubs in the world – it looks in the moment like Barcelona and [Real] Madrid can do the same – [Manchester] City and PSG that can do it every year.

“But we are fine. I’m happy with the team, we are really happy. We have to see if we find maybe one position, if we find something for it, but there’s no real pressure because it’s not about signing a player. We have solutions for all situations.

“Do we have exactly the solution that everybody from outside would be 100 per cent happy? I don’t think so because people want to have world-class here, world-class here and the guy on the bench has to be world-class as well. That’s not so easy. But we are of course working on it.”

Liverpool FC Premier League results 2019/2020 – Round 1-38

Liverpool FC latest Premier League results? Here are the latest Liverpool FC results in Premier League Round 20-38: 

Round Date Opponent Results
1. Round 8/9/2019 Norwich City
2. Round 8/17/2019 Southampton
3. Round 8/24/2019 Arsenal
4. Round 8/31/2019 Burnley
5. Round 9/14/2019 Newcastle United
6. Round 9/21/2019 Chelsea
7. Round 9/28/2019 Sheffield United
8. Round 10/5/2019 Leicester City
9. Round 10/19/2019 Manchester United
10. Round 10/26/2019 Tottenham Hotspur
11. Round 11/2/2019 Aston Villa
12. Round 11/9/2019 Manchester City
13. Round 11/23/2019 Crystal Palace
14. Round 11/30/2019 Brighton and Hove Albion
15. Round 12/4/2019 Everton
16. Round 12/7/2019 AFC Bournemouth
17. Round 12/14/2019 Watford
18. Round 12/21/2019 West Ham United
19. Round 12/26/2019 Leicester City
20. Round 12/28/2019 Wolverhampton Wanderers
21. Round 1/1/2020 Sheffield United
22. Round 1/11/2020 Tottenham
23. Round 1/18/2020 Manchester United
24. Round 1/21/2020 Wolverhampton
25. Round 2/1/2020 Southampton
26. Round 2/8/2020 Norwich City
27. Round 2/22/2020 West Ham United
28. Round 2/29/2020 Watford
29. Round 3/7/2020 AFC Bournemouth
30. Round 3/14/2020 Everton
31. Round 3/21/2020 Crystal Palace
32. Round 4/4/2020 Manchester City
33. Round 4/11/2020 Aston Villa
34. Round 4/18/2020 Brighton
35. Round 4/25/2020 Burnley
36. Round 5/2/2020 Arsenal
37. Round 5/9/2020 Chelsea
38. Round 5/17/2020 Newcastle


Liverpool FC Champions League 2018/2019 results

Liverpool FC latest Champions League results? Here are all Liverpool Champions League 2018/2019 results:

Round Date Opponent Results
Group Match 1 18/09/2018 Napoli (L) 0-2
Group Match 2 03/10/2018 Red Bull Salburg 2-0
Group Match 3 24/10/2018 Genk 4-3
Group Match 4 6/11/2019 Genk
Group Match 5 28/11/2019 Napoli
Group Match 6 10/12/2019 Red Bull Salzburg

Liverpool FC FA Cup 2019/2020 results

Liverpool FC latest FA Cup results? Here are all Liverpool FA Cup 2018/2019 results:

Round Date Opponent Results
3. Round

Liverpool FC League Cup 2019/2020 results

Here are all Liverpool League Cup 2017/2018 results

Round Date Opponent Results
3. Round 26/09/2018 MK Dons 2-0 (W)
4. Round 31/10/2019 Arsenal


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