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Liverpool FC Most Goals Scored

Liverpool FC Most Goals Scored

Liverpool FC Most Goals Scored in history

So who are the highest goal scorers for Liverpool? Most goals scored for Liverpool in their history? Anfield legends who have scored most goals for Liverpool in one match? Reds stars who have scored most goals for Liverpool in one season?

Liverpool are a club with great historical importance. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, they were the club who took England to a different level in Europe. Sure there was also other clubs like Nottingham Forest but it was Liverpool who besides winning the English league title regularly also won 4 European trophies in a span of six years.

The club had some great legends playing for them who helped the Anfield based outfit reach a whole new level. They were unplayable in England and in Europe.

The Liverpool club then lost some of their shine in the 1990s and even in early 2000s, they were off and on. However, in 2005 they stunned a world-class AC Milan side in the final of the UEFA Champions League once again to win yet another European trophy.

However, it proved to be a false dawn as the club continued to struggle and not win trophies barring a couple off odd victories here and there.

Finally, when Jurgen Klopp arrived in 2015, there were signs of quiet hope once again rushing through Anfield. It was like waking a sleeping giant.

Sure, it was difficult with so many obstacles and so many other clubs winning regularly but Klopp set about his work loudly and confidently unabashed by defeat.

He produced a side within a few years who play at a rocket temp and love to score goals for fun. They lost the title in the league this season despite collecting record points, 97.

However, destiny answered their call and deservedly so as they went on to win the Champions League final after that; making it 6 European trophies.

Such a great side with so many great honours means that Liverpool have won big matches, day after day, year after year. So anyone who watches football will know that the basics to win a match, is to score more goals than your opponent. That is football.

That is exactly what Liverpool can do and has done so well. They have goal threats and have always had so. Some of the greatest goal scorers of the game have played at Anfield and made it their home.

Be it the Kenny Dalglishes of the 1980s or the Fernando Torres of late 2000s or be it a certain Luis Suarez a few years back or the Egyptian king Mo Salah now, Liverpool have had natural strikers.

Let us a see few of the best goal scorers and who holds what records for the Reds.

Liverpool FC Most Goals Scored:

  • Most goals scored in one match by Liverpool – 13 v. Jeunesse Hautcharage, 1971–72 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup, 29 September 1971
  • Most goals conceded in one match – 8 v. Wolverhampton Wanderers, First Division, 26 September 1953
  • Most League goals scored in one season – 103 in 38 matches, Premier League, 2009–10
  • Fewest League goals scored in one season – 31 in 42 matches, First Division, 1923–24
  • Most League goals conceded in one season – 100 in 42 matches, First Division, 1960–61
  • Fewest League goals conceded in one season – 15 in 38 matches, Premier League, 2004–05
  • Fewest League goals conceded at home in one season – 6 in 19 matches, Premier League, 2004–05
  • Fewest League goals conceded away in one season – 9 in 19 matches, Premier League, 2004–05
  • Most goal scorers in a single match in the league – 7 v. Aston Villa, Premier League, 23 December 2012

Highest goal scorers for Liverpool in different ways: STATS

  • Ian Rush: 346 goals in all competitions
  • Roger Hunt: 245 goals in league competitions
  • Ian Rush: 39 FA Cup goals
  • Ian Rush: 48 League Cup goals
  • Steven Gerrard: 41 European goals
  • Ian Rush: 47 goals in one season

Liverpool FC Most Goals Scored

Liverpool overall all-time top 10 goal scorers- Liverpool FC Most Goals Scored

  • Ian Rush: 346 goals
  • Roger Hunt: 285 goals
  • Gordon Hodgson: 241 goals
  • Billy Liddell: 228 goals
  • Steven Gerrard: 186 goals
  • Robbie Fowler: 183 goals
  • Mo Salah – 178 goals
  • Kenny Dalglish: 172 goals
  • Michael Owen: 158 goals
  • Harry Chambers: 151 goals
  • Sam Raybould: 130 goals

Liverpool 2019-20 season top goal scorers – Liverpool FC Most Goals Scored

  • Mo Salah: 23 goals
  • Sadio Mane: 22 goals
  • Roberto Firmino: 12 goals
  • Alex Oxlade Chamberlain: 8 goals
  • Georginio Wijnaldum: 6 goals
  • Divock Origi: 6 goals
  • Virgil van Dijk: 5 goals
  • James Milner: 4 goals
  • Naby Keita: 4 goals
  • Jordan Henderson: 4 goals
  • Trent Alexander-Arnold: 4 goals
  • Andrew Robertson: 3 goals

Liverpool FC Most Goals Scored

Liverpool top goal scorers last 10 years:

2009-10: Fernando Torres was their top goal scorer for the season with 22 goals. Out of the 22 goals scored by the Spaniard, 18 of them came in the Premier League.

2010-11: With Fernando Torres having left midway through the season, Dirk Kuyt became their highest scorer for the season with 15 goals out of which 13 were scored in the Premier League

2011-12: New boy Luis Suarez was settling in well as he scored 17 goals in total out of which 11 came in the league.

Liverpool FC Most Goals Scored

2012-13: Suarez came to his foray this season as he finished with 30 goals in total and 23 in the league.

2013-14: Suarez once again finished the season as top scorer with 31 goals and all of them came in the league

2014-15: With Suarez gone, Gerrard finished as top scorer with 13 goals, 9 league goals among them.

2015-16: Daniel Sturridge was the overall top scorer with 13 goals while Roberto Firmino was the highest league scorer with 10 goals.

2016-17: Philippe Coutinho was the highest overall scorer with 14 goals while in the league he tied with Sadio Mane on 13 goals apiece

2017-18: Here started the reign of Mo Salah as he scored 44 goals in one season with 32 of them coming in the league

2018-19: It was once again Mo Salah with 27 goals while in the league he tied with Sadio Mane with 22 goals apiece

2019-20: After 30 long years, Liverpool won the Premier League title and all credits goes to none other than Mo Salah who stacked 23 goals this season.