Liverpool need to prove a point: Klopp

Ahead of the first match of the new season tonight, Jurgen Klopp has stressed on the need to have kept this Liverpool team together.

“Big teams stay together for a number of years,” the German told UK newspapers.

“I really think it makes sense to keep this team together, but we have to prove that. If we had bought new players people might ask, ‘After you played last season like this you send some of them away?'”

“The big teams of the past – and I don’t say we are a big team now, that will be decided in a couple of years – they stay together for a number of years. They do not need a lot of changes,” he said.

“I am not comparing us with Barcelona of five, six or seven years ago but they stayed together. A new player came in and struggled and so it was the same players who played again.

“Man United had the class of ’92. How long did they stay together? They changed a few after [Eric] Cantona got older and brought in Van the Man [Ruud van Nistelrooy] or whoever. You do not change completely.

“We are a good team together in a very difficult league with a lot of competitors desperate to get the position we are in.

“Nobody knows how it will look exactly but Sunday [the Community Shield loss to Manchester City] showed we will be fine and the rest is what we make of it.”



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