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Liverpool players and their Houses 2021: Location And Area!

liverpool players and their houses

Liverpool players and their Houses 2021

Would you like to know more about Liverpool players and their houses? Here in this list, we have looked into five best players of Liverpool and their houses. You can bet that with the amount of money each of them earns, they can definitely afford beautiful houses. You can check out and compare the Liverpool Football players houses. If you’re curious about where these Liverpool players live, you’ve come to the right place!

Liverpool Football players houses – who has the fanciest house among Liverpool players?

Most expensive Liverpool football players houses? The players we have looked at here or rather their houses are:

  1. Virgil Van Dijk
  2. Mo Salah
  3. Sadio Mane
  4. Roberto Firmino
  5. Alisson Becker

Out of these five players, two players, Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino have had their houses robbed or burgled. Mane has had to face this dilemma twice. This is probably because up north in Liverpool, these houses are located in very remote areas and these footballers, being so rich, have a lot of money or jewelry or other expensive items in their houses. In fact, when Roberto Firmino’s house was burgled, the robbers took a whopping 70,000 pounds worth of items besides cash! Let us check out the Liverpool players and their houses now – because boy they are beautiful!

1. Virgil Van Dijk house: Liverpool players and their Houses

Liverpool Football players houses - Virgil Van Dijk house

The player had to famously move houses because he was staying in the house vacated but still owned by Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. So when Ole got his job at Manchester United, he naturally came back to his old house, meaning Van Dijk had to move.

“We’ve really enjoyed the last eight years living in Norway,” Solskjær said in an interview with MUTV. “It’s going to be a change for them but we’re looking forward to it. The six months that we agreed on [when initially taking the job until the end of the season] as a family we agreed to do it separately as there was no need to move them over. That’s gone now. Now we’re moving together.

“We built a house, or I started it in 2007, but finally maybe in 2019 we can move into it – that’s long planning!”

Solskjær’s appointment was met with universal approval from United’s former greats.

“I’m delighted for Ole,” Gary Neville tweeted. “I didn’t think this would happen when he was appointed. However the results and spirit in the club have been incredible since he arrived and he deserves it. He now needs support in the transfer market in terms of finance and the right resource!”

Wayne Rooney said on Twitter: “Congratulations to Ole on the job. Well deserved. Looking forward to watching the rest of the season” while the former goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel wrote: “Congratulations my friend, it is well deserved. Up and onwards lets chase some trophies.”

Rio Ferdinand continued the theme of the day on Twitter: “Yessss Ole is officially at The Wheel… Signed, Sealed, Delivered! Manager of ManUtd! I hope my Thank You is in post Ole.”

It seems the United contingent were not just having Ole back but also moving out a Liverpool scouser from United’s spot off the field. The Rivalry continues!

2. Mo Salah house: Liverpool players and their houses

Mo Salah house: Liverpool players and their houses

We have to say one thing – Mo Salah definitely has a cute fairytale house!

3. Sadio Mane house: Liverpool players and their houses

Sadio Mane house: Liverpool players and their houses

The Senegal superstar’s house was robbed and burgled earlier this year or rather towards the end of last season in February end. This was the second instance of his house being mugged, the first also being after a Champions League game, which was albeit a group stage match, back in November 2017.

Merseyside Police detective inspector Phil Mahon said: “We are appealing for anyone with information in relation to this burglary to please come forward and assist our inquiries.

“While the occupants were not present at the time of the incident this will no doubt be a distressing experience for them and I would ask the offenders to do the right thing and return the stolen items to the owner in any way possible.

“We know the watches, in particular, are of significant monetary value and I would also like to appeal to anyone who might have been offered the items for sale since the burglary to contact police.”

4. Roberto Firmino house: Liverpool players and their houses

firmino house

This is another Liverpool star whose house was burgled. It was back in 2017 and Mossley Hill area of the city, was burgled on 22 December by a gang who stole £70,000 worth of items. Roberto Firmino and his family were moved to a hotel for safety purposes.

“While the occupiers were not in at the time, it has clearly been very upsetting to find their home has been targeted in this way,” detective inspector Steve Christian of Liverpool CID told the Echo. “I would ask the offenders to do the right thing and return the stolen items to the owner in any way possible.”

5. Alisson Becker house: Liverpool players and their houses

alisson becker house