Top 5 Liverpool players leaving next year

Liverpool players leaving the club next year

Liverpool players leaving next year? Which players are leaving Liverpool next year?

We have many Liverpool Transfer Targets Summer 2020 and several Liverpool players who came back from loan this summer 2019. We also have several players to be sold by Liverpool next summer. But here we look at the Top 5 Liverpool players leaving the club next year.

Liverpool players on loan is part of the footballers training so we should expect more players to come back.

At the same time we should expect Liverpool players to be sold and several Liverpool FC players will go out on loan next year.

So here we will look at the Top 5 Liverpool players next year.

Liverpool players leaving the club

When the football players are ready its time to bring the Liverpool players leaving the club.

List of Liverpool players leaving next year

Liverpool players leaving the club next year? Which Liverpool player will leave next year? Here is the list of Liverpool players that will leave Liverpool FC team next year:

Dejan Lovren

The Croatian international is a defender of great personality for Liverpool. He joined the club a few seasons back from Southampton. However, ever since his move, his growth has not really come through. The player has not done well at Liverpool.

He used to be at the heart of a Liverpool defence, where he has conceded many silly goals, made multiple defensive errors and has not helped Liverpool’s cause. Lovren played horrible football for years but due to lack of alternative options Liverpool and Klopp had to keep playing him.

Last year in the winter transfer window, the Reds signed another Southampton defender in Virgil Van Dijk. This time the move clicked for the Reds and Van Dijk’s move has galvanised the Liverpool defence. Also the growth of Gomez and Matip in central defence alongside the dominance of VVD meant that Lovren permanently lost his starting place in Liverpool defence.

This summer he was supposed to move away but Klopp held him back from leaving due to lack of squad depth. However, in the upcoming year, we do not see that happening anymore. The player is not going to get any chances and Klopp will probably look towards the youth academy in players like Ki-Jana Hoever rather than stick with a player who is only good for big dialogues ( Oh yes, did we tell you, Lovren is a self proclaimed best defender in the world!)

Adam Lallana

The talented English midfielder was tipped to go big in football as a youngster. He was a superstar in the making who could play multiple positions. He was used by Klopp in midfield initially and then finally used with the front three. He has done well in bits and pieces in different positions.

However, one major thing which has hindered his career is his multiple recurring injuries. He has never successfully completed a full season since moving to Liverpool without getting sidelined by injuries. It is this injury record which prevented him from cementing a first team spot in Klopp’s team and now the player is struggling for match time and form and rhythm. He is just a shadown of the player he once was.

Lallana still has potential to be one of the better players however and he might soon choose to leave the Reds in search of a team with a lower calibre but where he will be certain to get gametime to get himself back on to the highest level.

Xherdan Shaqiri

The former Basel and Bayern star has been extremely unlucky. He has the talent to play for a big team but due to some extraordinary players he has always either had to settle for playing for a small team or being benched mostly in the big teams.

While he was at Basel, he was the star and it earned him a well deserved move to Bayern Munich. However, at Munich, the presence of two superstars in Robben and Ribery meant that Shaqiri’s playing time was reduced to a bench role and he was not happy after two seasons.

It saw him move to Stoke City where once again, he proved his calibre. He was brilliant and with Stoke going down, he was again on the move, this time poached by Liverpool. At Pool, his wing positions have been occupied by King og Egypt and Liverpool sensation Mo Salah and last year’s Premier League Ballon d’Or winner, Sadio Mane.

This means that Shaqiri has once again been relieved of a starting role and is on the bench, something he has publicly said he is not happy about. We might soon see him leave again.

Divock Origi

The Belgian forward signed a new contract recently. He was instrumental for Liverpool last season and it is hard to see him leave the club soon. However, let us take a closer look as to why he might just leave.

Origi scored some brilliant goals last season and almost every time he did, it was off the bench. When he did get a rare chance to start, against Barcelona, he ensured a miracle comeback was pulled through in the Champions League. Even in the final, he managed to score a goal off the bench.

He is young and developing and has committed to Liverpool. However, the player needs game time to improve, something he will be and already is deprived of at Liverpool.  Origi might just reach the end of his patience at the end of the season if the first team chances dont start coming.

Rhian Brewster

Another Liverpool youngster who is desperate for game time to improve. Brewster is another talented young player who plays in the front line and was a star for the Three Lions when he won the Under 17 World Cup for England in the 2017 edition held at India. He is now developing and wants to play regularly to keep improving.

He will be watching the likes of Mason Mount, Tammy Abraham, Jordan Sancho who are starring for big teams and will not want to be left behind.

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