Top five Liverpool players with the most tackles in 2018/19

Top 5 Liverpool players with most tackles in 2019/20

Liverpool players with most tackles? Who do you think are the Liverpool players with most tackles? Liverpool are an extremely efficient and aggresive team so Liverpool players with most tackles can be a lot of players!

Who are the Liverpool players with most tackles? Which Liverpool players have made the most tackles? Which Liverpool players made the most tackles per-game? Best Liverpool tacklers? Well we are going to take a look at the stats and bring you the Top Five Liverpool players with most tackles per-game in 2019/20.

Some of the best Liverpool players this season have been the defenders this season. Despite conceding a few goals, the much changed backline has adapted really well to the new style of defending without much support from the rest of the team. The team has really been galvanized since the arrival of VVD. We consistently keep clean sheets. New Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker won three Golden Gloves, two of them for Liverpool for keeping most clean sheets in the Premier League and the Champions League. So we will look at the best Liverpool tacklers in 2019/20. Players like Virgil Van Dijk, Andy Robertson, Fabinho have all been excellent defensively for Liverpool. But are they in the Liverpool players with most tackles list? Read on to find out.

I’m sure a lot of you will be thinking of one particular player when you think of Liverpool players who tackle a lot. And no, VVD is not on this list. But which other Liverpool players have tackled a lot in 2019/20? Well read on below for the best Liverpool defensive stats.

Liverpool players with most tackles

Top Five Liverpool players who made the most tackles in 2019/20

1. Andy Robertson – 80 tackles – Liverpool players with most tackles

One of Liverpool’s best defenders, the Scot was signed from Hull City. Like Maguire who now plays for Manchester United, Robertson was also the star player at Hull City. Together the duo were bought off when Hull City got relegated and he was a brilliant bargain buy for the Reds.

Initially bought only as a backup player to Alberto Moreno, Robertson quickly changed the established order developing himself as the first choice left back at Anfield. Moreno was pacey and good in attack, however, Robertson has the ability to run up and down the pitch for 90 minutes week in and week out.

He also has the ability to score from range, assist with some delicious crosses and does not allow wingers to get the better of him in one on one situations. Robertson can stop them directly with some brilliant tackling, many of them coming in desperate situations as he stays high up the pitch but boy does he time them well!

Last season, for Liverpool, he made 80 tackles, making him the highest tackler in the team. Something like this shows, how high up the pitch Klopp likes to keep his full backs and how much running they have to do and high intensity and high stake defending they depend on; something Robertson personifies in his game.

2. Trent Alexander Arnold – 61 tackles – Liverpool players with most tackles

Another brilliant player for Liverpool, the youngster has the record for the most number of assists by a defender last season. This does not mean that he is bad defensively. Arnold racked up no less than 14 assists last season, for Liverpool, a massive record for a player who plays as a right back. His most famous assist perhaps came for Liverpool against Barcelona when he took the quick corner kick to allow Divock Origi to score against a switched off Barcelona defence to complete a 4-0 comeback from 3-0 down in an intense second leg match of the Champions League semi final at Anfield.

He is so good with his attacking and crossing, that he is the man who is kept in charge of dead ball situations, be it free kicks or corner kicks. He is brilliant in attack also in terms of passing and dribbling and these stats which show him to have made 61 tackles, the second highest in the Liverpool team prove that he is defensively good to.

He may not be as good and as agile as Robertson, but he sure does have the pace to recover and make those crunching tackles which saves his team day in and day out. He will still develop in terms of positioning defensively as he is so young and it will see him having to make less risky tackles which can sometimes get him booked!

3. Fabinho – 59 tackles – Liverpool players with most tackles

Liverpool’s new signing took some time to settle in but once he did, Fabinho was a monster. Carragher recently said that Fabinho from December last year has been Liverpool’s best player and it is so true. He sits back and allows the full backs to exploit the wings. He makes the tackles and timely interceptions to keep the team running smoothly.

4. Jordan Henderson – 46 tackles – Liverpool players with most tackles

The hard hitting captain of Liverpool does not shy away from a tackles and likes to get into the physical side of the game quickly. He is another player like Fabinho, although with lesser quality who can sit back and watch his team securely play fun attacking football up front while marshaling the defence.

5. James Milner – 43 tackles – Liverpool players with most tackles

There is no keeping Millie away from tackles despite the fact that he gets less game time. The senior member of the dressing room is just as hard in the changing rooms as he is on the pitch. He likes to get physical and make those crunching tackles which elevates Anfield.

**All stats have been taken the official Premier League website. Hence all stats from this season only pertain to the Premier League stats and not how the players fared in other competitions like the Champions League and international matches.

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