Liverpool title decision given by UEFA chief

UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has handed out the latest news on Liverpool’s Premier League campaign. 

The current situation across Europe due to CoVID-19 has led to leagues being suspended temporarily with a decision set to take place in the near future about the situation.

The current scenario has led to three possible likelihood – the games being resumed and league gets completed on time, the league gets cancelled, the league ends now with the current standings becoming the final standings.

Cecerin however, declared that the season will not see Liverpool being crowned champion if it is not concluded

“Our goal is to finish the leagues and we didn’t recommend anything like that to any association or any league.”

This will definitely come as hard news for Liverpool and their supporters. The Reds were 25 points, a record margin, ahead of the second placed team Manchester City. They were all but two games away from being champions and now to have the credentials for their entire season cracked off, will be hard on them. 

The final decision has of course still not been made with Liverpool hoping that the current pandemonium in Europe subsides and things improve. The deadline for the season end date has been pushed to June 30, giving teams and leagues enough time to complete their fixtures. 

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