Liverpool To Win PL Title If Season Doesn't Finish

Liverpool is very likely to win the Premier League title if the season doesn’t end up being finished and is ended at the current table.

According to transfer expert Duncan Castles, this is the situation that’s most likely to happen. When the Premier League was suspended due to the Covid-19 spread, the Reds since then have been 25 points ahead of the second placed team, that is, Manchester City – and that’s a huge gap.

If only Jurgen Klopp’s side were to lose each and every remaining fixture, would then they fall back into second place. However, that doesn’t seem like much of a possibility and everyone is aware about that. Hence, the only logical conclusion to be reached at this point, would be to award Liverpool the Premier League title – which they very much deserve. 

Premier League leaders have come together and have devised a plan to finish the current season in 6 weeks, starting from July 1st. However, according to Castles, this situation will most likely not work out or even happen in the first place. There is no predicting how soon the virus will be eradicated. 

“I think the title will be awarded to Liverpool,” Castles said on the Transfer Window podcast.

“My expectation is they will be awarded the title and I think it’s correct that they are given the title but the problem for Liverpool and the problem for the club to address will be that it will have an asterisk beside it if the direction of travel is followed and the season is stopped early. 

Castles further feels that if the title isn’t given to the Reds, it will be more or less an incomplete season.

“So there will always be the ability to question mark it, even if rationally that ability isn’t fair, it would be an incomplete season.

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