Liverpool Transfer Targets List: Possible Summer Transfer Targets 2020!

Liverpool Transfer Targets List Summer 2020

Liverpool transfer targets list Summer 2020? Here we look at the latest news about Liverpool transfer targets list for winter 2020. We point out football players that are considered on top at Liverpool transfer target list this Summer. So which footballers are on the Liverpool FC transfer targets list this Summer?

Liverpool Transfer Targets List 2020

Liverpool have had a brilliant season under Jurgen Klopp. The Reds are currently leaders of the Premier League table by a considerable margin and is on course to lifting the trophy (unless the season gets cancelled). Liverpool also won the FIFA Club World Cup recently, making this a first Club world cup title in their entire history. However, fans would argue that they do not have a strong enough squad to compete for multiple titles – as evident from their very quick exits from the FA Cup, Champions League and Carabao Cup this season.

Bringing in suitable players to serve as either backup or possibly even strengthen some of the current positions will be helpful. Let’s take a look at some of the players who Liverpool are looking at for the summer of 2020.

Top 5 Liverpool Transfer Targets List 2020

So with a low investment window getting over, what are Liverpool going to do about going back to make the squad stronger? With that in mind- who will be on the Liverpool Transfer Targets list this Summer? Well, you’re going to find out.

3. Ousmane Dembele

Liverpool Transfer Targets list

Ousmane Dembele should be one of the top transfer targets for Liverpool.

It seems as though Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has one of eyes set on Ousmane Demebele, the Barcelona forward. He’s not alone – giants like Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool are all monitoring the Frenchman’s situation at Camp Nou. His constant battle with injuries and previous run-ins with the club on disciplinary issues has made his Barca future uncertain. If it continues, Quique Setien might be forced to pull the plug on him.

Why should Liverpool sign Ousmane Dembele?

Jurgen Klopp has quite transparently voiced his adoration for Dembele’s style of play. He believes the 22-year-old can be a tremendous lift for his side. He can fill in as an option to Sadio Mane, Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino forthright or even play in an attacking midfield role centrally. Barcelona is supposedly open to authorizing a deal if Liverpool’s offer is in abundance of €100m (£85m).

2. Ben White


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Brighton centre back Ben White has a fee of £50 million on the market and has several suitors following him. Liverpool definitely is alone on this one, having had a slightly late entry into the transfer race. The Reds reportedly joined Leeds United, along with Manchester City and Chelsea.

White, being just 22, is a great target for all 6 top teams in the country. He’s young and going to be in his prime and every club wants to snap that up. White helped Leeds get promoted last season – and that got the spotlight on him for sure. Manchester United have also joined the transfer race now, according to The Sun in addition to all the other clubs – and while the young centre back might just the perfect addition to Liverpool’s squad, he might not be that easy to get. Liverpool will have to ward off most top clubs in the country to climb on to the top in this transfer race.

1. Diego Carlos

Another option at centre back for Liverpool is Diego Carlos. HTre interested in the player. 

Carlos will definitely be a good option for them at centre back now that they have lost Lovren and might lose Matip as well again with PSG interested in the defender. 

Liverpool signings:

The Reds have had a smashing hit transfer window by picking up some real gems at very cheap prices. They signed Thiago from Munich for 30 million Euros, Diogo Jota for 50 million with only a 5m payment upfront and Tsimikas, the Olympiacos left back for 15 mil. 

It remains to be seen who they add as a centre back. 

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    • yes he will definitely stay in Liverpool. They’re selling 8 player including Adam lallana. But I will miss him Definitely


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