Liverpool's golden chance to force defending champions Manchester City give them a guard of honor

Liverpool have a golden chance this season to make Manchester City bow down in humiliation by making them give the Reds a guard of honor this season!

Liverpool have won 27, drawn 1 and lost 1 of their 29 games this season collecting 82 points already.

Manchester City are far behind in second place at second place at 57 points meaning that a staggering 25 points gap is now open. However, City do have a game in hand.

This would mean that even if Manchester City were to win the remainder of their games, the Citizens are going to at best reach 87 points this season.

For Liverpool, this would be perfect as it would they now have to win just two more games to be mathematically beyond City. 

As fate would have it, this means Liverpool can wrap up the title at Anfield on 21 March against Crystal Palace and their very next match on 5th April would be against Manchester City.

The Premier League has a system of rolling out a guard of honor for the newly elected champions by the other teams if they are to play the winning team that season.

Hence, if Liverpool do wrap up the title at Anfield on 21 March, then when they walk out at Etihad on 5th April, Manchester City will have no choice but to give a guard of honor for the Reds – an image that is sure to go down well at Merseyside given their rivalry with the Citizens!

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