Loris Karius refuses to rule out a return to Liverpool

The 26-year-old German goalkeeper wants to play for Liverpool again.

After the misfortunate events of the 2017 Champions League final, he was replaced by Brazilian goalkeeper Alisson Becker. And Karius was sent on a 2-year loan to the Turkish side Beşiktaş.

But the keeper has refused to rule out a return to Anfield.

“I have a loan until the end of the season and then I will see, back to Liverpool or somewhere else in England or somewhere in Germany, you never know,” said Karius.

“I’ve enjoyed my time here. Of course, if you play in England you are a bit more in the spotlight, but it’s a good club here, of course with some problems now and then. It was not always easy the last year and a bit since I’m here but overall the first season was quite good. The Premier League is the best league so it’s interesting of course but also I am still under contract at Liverpool, so maybe I’ll play for Liverpool again, you never know.”

“It’s difficult to say now. If it’s not Liverpool it will be another decent team I am sure, so I am not worried.”

Loris has put the misfortunes of Champions League final behind.

He said, “I don’t think about it anymore, it was so long ago, nearly two seasons.”

“There were so many circumstances; I had a bad injury and nobody was talking about it. People can say what they want – it doesn’t really concern me anymore.”

“After they assessed it we realized [the concussion] but in the game, you have too much adrenaline to realize. It’s in the past. I’m happy they won it a year after. I still speak to the goalkeeping coach and some other players. They have a good chance again this year.”

First team football seems a bit difficult for the German as Alisson has cemented his place in the starting XI with his performances.



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