Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren said that he is not concerned by the competition in the Premier League. Liverpool are currently at the top of the table with 45 points from 17 matches. They are the only team who hasn’t lost a single match this season.

Liverpool’s biggest competition at the moment is Manchester City who are just a point behind them. Lovren said that while Manchester City may not have any weaknesses, Liverpool are not concerned about them.

The Croatian centre-back said, “I’m not sure that they have any weaknesses. Last year they won by 19 points. They know how to manage even when they lose. They also lost one or two games last year and still they managed to be 19 points ahead.

It doesn’t mean anything. There are so many games in front of us and in front of them. It will be a tight race and it’s not only City, Tottenham are only a few points behind. You cannot sit and enjoy and say: ‘We are five or six points in front of everyone’. It doesn’t work like that. Every game for us is a final.

They won on Saturday so we had pressure (against United the following day). It can be from both ways a positive thing. We will not look back, we will just look forward.

Look, there’s a competition. This is what we want, but we don’t look at who is in front of us or behind us. It’s just about us.

It’s more about how we train, how we do on the pitch and the result will come. There are quite a lot of games still to go but we go game-by-game.”

Liverpool will be hoping to continue their good run when they take on Wolves at the Molineux Stadium. However, Wolves won’t be an easy opponent to take on. Nuno Santo’s side scripted one of the upsets by beating Chelsea at the Molineux a couple of weeks back.

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