Lovren reveals Klopp's secret to success

Dejan Lovren has praised Jurgen Klopp’s attention to detail as a key feature in the current Liverpool team.

“Four years already? I’m getting old. Yes, we started to believe when he said ‘from doubters to believers’,” said Lovren.

“He changed things in the club, from small details like saying ‘good morning’ to everyone, to cleaning your table.

“We are, I think, raised at my age that when you see an older person you will say ‘Good morning’. It is about respect.

“When you have this outside of the pitch you will feel it also on the pitch. It is the simple things.

“It is about things like the food; he brought in people who are the best in these positions, and he knows what he is doing.

“I think some part of these details are missing in some clubs.”

“It can change quickly. Three or four years ago we didn’t have the best start,” Lovren added.

“With the improvement, the belief, with the work of the team you can achieve anything. This is what Klopp told us.

“The most difficult part is when you are on top to stay on the top. When you sometimes drop it is about showing your inner strength, it is about the character of the team to jump back.

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