Top 10 most carded Liverpool players

most carded Liverpool player – Who do you think it is? Guesses for the most carded Liverpool player?

Liverpool have been disciplined but who is most carded Liverpool player? And over the years, they have been tough to beat but have they been rough – you can guess from the number of most carded Liverpool player season by season!

Is Carragher the most carded Liverpool player? Or is it James Milner who is the most carded Liverpool player? Maybe Gerrard is the most carded Liverpool player?

The English Premier League is a fast-paced league with plenty of players moving up and down the pitch super fast. There is no time to do well on the ball as things move rapidly.

The players have great physicality as well on top of this fast-paced and superfluid movement. They are players who know that to survive 90 minutes in the Premier League, you not only need super speed but also super stamina.

Because of this fast-paced and physical nature of the league, there are plenty of tackles which fly around. No player holds back from flying into crunching challenge.

Especially when teams play big oppositions like Liverpool, who move the ball really quickly, there is hardly any time for a player to think before tackling. They simply go all-in and hence that leaves a lot of late challenges, or risky tackles.

Naturally, the laws have been made very strict to protect players from getting into these rough tackles. Players feel the heat of the referee with plenty of warnings who do not really think twice before brandishing the yellow card.

Now let us take a look at the stats from the 2019-20 season for Liverpool in terms of the discipline of getting yellow cards:

In total Liverpool players received 39 yellow cards throughout the season, a brilliant record in the Premier League given that they played 39 matches, and hence averaged at just over one yellow card per match. Liverpool received 25 of those cards away from Anfield while the remaining 14 came matches at their home matches.

most carded Liverpool player – yellow

Player No. of Yellow cards
James Milner 6
Fabinho 6
Andy Robertson 4
Joel Matip 3
Alexander Trent-Arnold 3
Gini Wijnaldum 3
Xherdan Shaqiri 2
Sadio Mane 2
Adam Lallana 1
Dejan Lovren 1
Alisson Becker 1
Joe Gomez 2
Jordan Henderson 2
Mo Salah 1
Virgil Van Dijk 1

To think that someone like Virgil Van Dijk who played the majority of all matches, 3385 minutes to be exact and received only one yellow card throughout and got dribbled past zero times, shows the quality of the defender in this fast-paced and physical league.

Moving on the 2017-18 season, we will see that the stats are a little different from they were in the recently concluded season. There could be multiple factors affecting this result but first let us take a look at the stats for the season.

Most carded Liverpool player

As you can see the concept of most carded Liverpool player will differ by a lot of categories. Some most carded Liverpool player will be by competition whereas other most carded Liverpool player will be by season.  Let us check stats for last season!

Player No. of Yellow cards
Emre Can 8
Dejan Lovren 4
Alexander Trent-Arnold 3
Joe Gomez 3
Sadio Mane 3
Joel Matip 3
Simon Mignolet 3
James Milner 3
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain 3
Andy Robertson 2
Roberto Firmino 1
Nathaniel Clyne 1
Jordan Henderson 1
Adam Lallana 1
Loris Karius 1
Alberto Moreno 1
Mo Salah 1
Virgil Van Dijk 1
Gini Wijnaldum 1

This shows how much less disciplined Liverpool were last season. They received 44 yellow cards, 5 more than the recently concluded season.

The situation is even more grave if we analyse it a little better. The Liverpool better considerable improved mid way through the 2017-18 season once Virgil Van Dijk entered the team.

The Dutchman became the world’s most expensive defender at that time and he made a move to Liverpool from Southampton which many at that time thought Liverpool were overpaying for.

However, prior to his arrival, the Liverpool defence was leaking goals left, right and centre and players had no clue how it could be dealt with. Van Dijk’s arrival meant that he took control and charge of that defence and overnight from a shaky and unstable defence, it became calm and collected. It not only saw their record improve in the league but also helped them reach the finals of the UEFA Champions League.

Five Liverpool players with most yellow cards in Premier League – most carded Liverpool player:

Player Yellow Cards
Jamie Carragher 70
Emile Heskey 62
Steven Gerrard 61
James Milner 61
Joe Cole 54

These five players top Liverpool’s chart of most number of times to be yellow carded. Although James Milner, Joe Cole and Emile Heskey did not play their entire career at Liverpool, that is not being taken into consideration since at one point at least they did play for the Reds.

Whereas for Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher, the two players are both Liverpool legends.

Jame Carragher was a defender by trait and hence for him to be the Liverpool player who has most number of yellow cards for the club does make sense, since all his playing career he has been at Liverpool.

Carragher was an adaptable defender who primarily wanted to play at centre back but could also fulfill the role of playing as a right back depending on his team’s needs.

As for Stevie G, the less we say, the better it is. He was our captain and a true leader of the club. A dynamic midfielder who could everything with the ball from central midfield, he loved to roll the ball over and take a shot, which more often than not ended up in goal.

He was also good with defending and most of his yellow cards in him trying to protect his team from being exposed at the back. A true club legend and loyalist, if there ever was one.

RED CARDS – most carded Liverpool player:

  • Steven Gerrard: 6 red cards
  • Javier Masceranho: 3 red cards
  • Robbie Fowler: 2 red cards
  • Pepe Reina: 2 red cards
  • James Milner: 2 red cards
  • Dietmar Hamman: 2 red cards
  • Jordan Henderson: 2 red cards
  • Jamie Carragher: 2 red cards
  • David Thompson: 1 red card
  • Jay Spearing: 1 red card
  • David James: 1 red card
  • Josemi: 1 red card
  • Dominic Matteo: 1 red card
  • Jason McAteer: 1 red card
  • Danny Murphy: 1 red card
  • Daniel Agger: 1 red card
  • Sadio Mane: 1 red card
  • Gary McAllister: 1 red card
  • Igor Biscan: 1 red card
  • Sotirios Kyrgiakos: 1 red card
  • Jamie Redknapp: 1 red card
  • Charlie Adam: 1 red card
  • Fabio Borini: 1 red card
  • Joe Cole: 1 red card
  • Jonjo Shelvey: 1 red card
  • Emre Can: 1 red card
  • Brad Smith: 1 red card
  • Lucas Leiva: 1 red card
  • Luis Garcia: 1 red card
  • Milan Baros: 1 red card
  • Michael Owen: 1 red card
  • Mohammed Sissoko: 1 red card
  • Philippe Coutinho: 1 red card
  • Philip Degen: 1 red card
  • Rob Jones: 1 red card
  • Martin Skrtel: 1 red card
  • Sami Hyypia: 1 red card
  • Don Hutchinson: 1 red card
  • Stephen Wright: 1 red card
  • Steve Staunton: 1 red card
  • Alexander Doni: 1 red card
  • Xabi Alonso: 1 red card

Premier League red card by opponents – most carded Liverpool player

  • Everton: 7 red cards
  • Manchester United: 7 red cards
  • Arsenal: 4 red cards
  • Fulham: 4 red cards
  • Chelsea: 3 red cards
  • Aston Villa: 2 red cards
  • Charlton Athletic: 2 red cards
  • Coventry City: 2 red cards
  • Crystal Palace: 2 red cards
  • Leicester City: 2 red cards
  • Manchester City: 2 red cards
  • Newcastle United: 2 red cards
  • Sunderland: 2 red cards
  • Tottenham Hotspur: 2 red cards
  • West Ham United: 2 red cards
  • Blackburn Rovers: 1 red card
  • Bolton Wanderers: 1 red card
  • Leeds United: 1 red card
  • Middlesborough: 1 red card
  • Norwich City: 1 red card
  • Nottingham Forest: 1 red card
  • Oldham Athletic: 1 red card
  • Portsmouth: 1 red card
  • Stoke City: 1 red card
  • Swansea City: 1 red card
  • Watford: 1 red card
  • West Bromwich Albion: 1 red card

Overall most red cards for Liverpool players:

  • Steven Gerrard 7
  • Igor Biscan 3
  • Jamie Carragher 3
  • Didi Hamann 3
  • Ian St John 3
  • Javier Mascherano 3
  • Lucas Leiva 2
  • Jordan Henderson 2
  • Jock McNab 2
  • Pepe Reina 2
  • Glenn Hysén 2
  • Ray Kennedy 2
  • Steve McMahon 2
  • Rob Jones 2
  • James Milner 2
  • Robbie Fowler 2
  • Sadio Mané 1
  • Kevin Keegan 1
  • Mike Marsh 1
  • Danny Murphy 1
  • Michael Owen 1
  • Jamie Redknapp 1
  • Neil Ruddock 1
  • Ian Rush 1
  • Tommy Smith 1
  • Steve Staunton 1
  • Mark Lawrenson 1
  • Larry Lloyd 1
  • Dominic Matteo 1
  • Gary McAllister 1
  • Jason McAteer 1
  • Terry McDermott 1
  • Steve McManaman 1
  • Sami Hyypia 1
  • Paul Ince 1
  • David James 1
  • Craig Johnston 1
  • Joey Jones 1
  • Emile Heskey 1
  • Dave Hickson 1
  • Emlyn Hughes 1
  • Don Hutchison 1
  • Peter Cormack 1
  • Kenny Dalglish 1
  • Salif Diao 1
  • El Hadji Diouf 1
  • Alun Evans 1
  • Bruce Grobbelaar 1
  • Gary Ablett 1
  • Phil Babb 1

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