Pep all praise for Klopp

Pep Guardiola has praised Jurgen Klopp for his work at Liverpool.

“To see his team, you realise he did in Dortmund and he’s done it here,” said the Catalan. “So it’s easy to analyse how huge was the impact when he took over a team that wasn’t a real contender.

“The history, yes, but not a real contender, to win the Premier League or be on top, and he did it. In three or four years he built something marvellous to watch.”

“I said last season when we won the Premier League, that they are the best contender I’ve faced in my career,” he added.

“That’s why to win this league was one of the biggest achievements we’ve achieved as a club, as a person, and it remains the same.

“So probably right now they are the strongest team in the world. Playing at Anfield, what does it mean for them, for all the rivals, but it’s 90 minutes, maybe 94, and we’re going to try to follow the plan with thought in this game.

“You have seen the team. What is the weak points of Liverpool? It’s difficult to find it, but we have an idea with the way we are going to play, we are going to try. They do absolutely everything well.”

I love it, I like it,” he said. “I didn’t like what happened in the bus outside the stadium, but in the stadium when they support the team, it’s perfect, it’s lovely, that’s why we’re involved in this business, to be involved in this kind of experience in these stadiums.

“Right now it’s one of the toughest ones – I would say right now it’s the toughest stadium in Europe to go to.”

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