Philippe Coutinho Regrets Leaving Liverpool 'Every Morning' - Emmanuel Petit

Former Arsenal, Chelsea and Barcelona player, Emmanuel Petit believes Philippe Coutinho regrets moving to Camp Nou.

Coutinho has struggled to establish himself ever since he left Liverpool in 2018 while his old side has won the Champions League and Club World Cup since then.

“If I was Philippe Coutinho, every morning I would wake up and think to myself, ‘Why, why, did I sign [for Barcelona] in Spain?’,” said Petit.

“And do you know why I say this? Because, I can remember the time when I’d wake up, when I was at Barcelona, when I left Arsenal, and I was thinking the same way, ‘Why did I leave? Why did I leave? Why did I leave?’

“To be honest with you I am sure Coutinho has been asking himself the same question for a while now. He left for Bayern Munich, he does sometimes play well but he’s not really a first-team player.”

Liverpool are on their way to win the Premier League trophy this season whereas Coutinho is not even a starter in Germany. This is a sad decline of the attacking midfielder, who once was Liverpool’s best player. He is set for a return to Camp Nou this summer since Bayern are not interested in paying his £120m buy-back fee.

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