Rodri judges Liverpool's season

Liverpool and Manchester City are arch-rivals at the top now.

They are fighting for dominance at the top. So it is extremely difficult for one team to have anything good to say about the other. So what are they saying now?

Rodri here has a special though on Liverpool’s current campaign.

“Sometimes football is like this. Liverpool have been amazing this season in the Premier League,” the Spaniard told Sky Sports News on Wednesday.

“They have focused their entire mentality on the Premier League only and in these situations the only thing you can do is clap.

“But we’ve had many problems this year. We have had lots of injuries and important players out but it’s not been a bad season for us – we’re second.

“It’s not where we want to be but sometimes it’s like this and we have to keep going. I think we are proud of the season we’ve done.”

Having said this, Rodri added he is happy with his team Manchester City’s progress this season. And he is looking forward to winning the league.

“We already have two titles and we have a chance to get another two including the Champions League,” he said. “I think it’s not a bad season so for me from an individual aspect I’m really happy with our season.”

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