Sadio Mane defends his favourite teammate

Sadio Mane believes Roberto Firminho deserves more respect.

Roberto Firminho has come under scrutiny due to a lack of goals scoring just six goals and making five assists in 25 Premier League games.

His teammate Sadio Mane believes he and Salah would not have so many goals to their name without the Brazilian forward’s influence.


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“He deserves more credit than me and Mo, for sure. But it is part of football, always seeing the goals scored,” Mane told ESPN Brasil.

“But I think without Bobby I don’t see myself or Mo scoring as many goals as we have, to be honest.

“He makes everything easier for us. Brazil is lucky to have Firmino. I always say to Bobby ‘you have to change your nationality and maybe come to Senegal’ – which for me would be a dream!

“I just love him and he is my favourite team-mate.”


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