Salah Won't Stick Around Forever - He Might Be Leaving Sooner Than You Think

Danny Murphy, a former Liverpool player, has predicted that Liverpool’s star striker Mohamed Salah won’t stick around in Liverpool forever. 

The forever seems to be pretty soon, according to Murphy. The Reds had signed the Egyptian international in summer 2017 from AS Roma for 39 million pounds and ever since, he has only become better. 

He has aided greatly in making Liverpool lie on top of the Premier League table – who are leading by 25 points now, along with helping conquer the Club World Cup, Champions League and Super Cup. It’s not difficult to see how he has helped – his goals have been spectacularly shot. 

But how long will he stay at the club? Being one of Liverpool’s most important and one of the world’s best strikers, he might not stay on for long. Looking at his spectacular scoring records, he has the option to propel his career further in bigger and better teams in Europe. 

Danny Murphy predicts that he will soon be sought after in a year or two. 

Murphy told talkSPORT: “Mo Salah is a unique player.

“To score this many goals so quickly from that wide position is sensational.

“To compare him to strikers is difficult because he doesn’t play centrally, but to achieve what he has so quickly from a wide role is a better achievement than what any of the strikers at Liverpool have achieved.

“And he’s so unassuming, he goes about his business so under the radar. He’s not flash, he doesn’t do any silly provocative celebrations, he just keeps banging in goals.

“But ultimately when, or if, Mo Salah leaves Liverpool he’s going to be remembered not just because he’s a wonderful goalscorer but because he’s been part of this team that has won the Premier League after 30 years and has won the Champions League.

“That’s why he’ll be remembered. All the goals only matter if something comes at the end of it.”

Murphy added: “Everybody leaves in the end.”

Salah leaving Liverpool would be catastrophic indeed, but as he becomes better at what he does, no one can predict where he’ll be a year from now.

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