Thierry Henry Praises Tiring Liverpool In Premier League Bid

Thierry Henry has hailed Liverpool’s workrate in their bid for a first Premier League title.

The Reds are 22 points clear at the top of table, remaining unbeaten so far into the campaign.

They are backed to overtake’s Arsenal’s “Invincible” record this season with a better win percentage. One of the Gunners invincibles, Thierry Henry recognized their efforts on the pitch and pointed out what exactly sets them apart from the rest.

He said, “The intensity, the rhythm that you have in the Premier League, it’s very high. You see, when you watch Liverpool, even just watching them, you get tired. They move so quickly. When you go to Manchester City, before you have even looked up, there is pressing on you. If you control the ball, there are already three guys around you. The Premier League’s intensity is immense.”

Even Arsene Wenger praised Jurgen Klopp’s impact at Anfield as he said, “He has a clear idea of what he wants to do and he can get from people what he wants to do.

“This is the same as if you give recipes to 10 different people and you get 10 different meals! You give the same training to 10 different people you have 10 different training sessions. Everybody has his way.

“Why are some get what they want and some less? It is a mystery. He has been successful in Germany and now successful in England so that means he must have some qualities!”

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