Top 5 best Liverpool players of decade (2010-2019)
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Best Liverpool players of decade – Top 5

Best Liverpool players of decade? Who are the best players to have worn the Reds jersey from 2010 to 2019?

The past ten years have been nothing short of a rollercoaster for Liverpool. The decade started with Rafa Benitez in his final months as the Reds boss, with the wheels falling off his well-oiled machine. Things took a turn for the worse, with Roy Hodgson at the helm. Anfield was not a happy place in 2010.

However, Liverpool have been on a steady rise from those dark days. The past four yearsn in particular, have been brilliant, with the Reds gradually improving over time to become the global footballing superpower they are today. Liverpool are the current European champions and are looking good in the league this season. Their current position could not be more different from the doldrums at the start of the decade.

And with that progress has come a good number of gems. From the tough times from the start of the 2010s to today’s glory days, Liverpool has had some excellent players. Today, we take a quick look at the Top 5 best Liverpool players of decade (2010-2019).

Top 5 best Liverpool players of decade

5. Roberto Firmino

An integral component of Europe’s most formidable attacking trio and one who is slowly starting to, rightfully, gain admiration from the wider footballing world, something those in and around Anfield have not struggled with. Firmino has been a member of the squad for half of the previous decade, is as selfless as they come, a master of creating and finding space, has a relentless work ethic and he possesses an abundance of tricks and flicks which leave you instantly mesmerized.

Bobby’s signing was met with mixed reviews and he experienced a slow start as Rodgers struggled to find his perfect position, but concerns were quickly banished under Klopp and his star has risen exponentially ever since.


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