Top Five Flop Liverpool Signings

These players are footballers Liverpool wish they had never signed.

  1. Christian Benteke:

The country of Belgium have come up hugely in football in the last decade. Through their football education and participation system, they have produced elite level talents. From being a country decently good at football, they are now favourites to win big titles.

And why should they not be? The likes of Lukaku, De Bruyne, Hazard, Mertens, Dembele, Vertonghen, Kompany Courtois all hail from the same country to name a few. This is indeed a golden generation of talent for Belgian football. One such player who was expected to be a part of this golden company was Christian Benteke.

The once young Belgian was at Aston Villa then. He was showing the world his goal scoring exploits in the Premier League itself while playing for the Villans. He was young but feared no one. He was physically ready, movement wise a goal poacher and one of the better players which many big clubs were keeping tabs on.

It was Liverpool who ended up paying a hefty amount for the young striker and won the race to sign him. Under the Liverpool banner with better players behind him to provide support, he was expected to wreak havoc which did not happen. He very rarely found the goal and was subsequently sold off to Crystal Palace.

  1. Mario Balotelli

This was always going to be a tricky signing. Liverpool were not the most stable club at that time and Balotelli not by far a stable player. The prodigiously talented Italian had already played for big clubs like Manchester City, AC Milan and Inter Milan under big bosses like Pellegrini and Mourinho but none had managed to coach him. He was as temperamental as the rain in London and although Balotelli could produce the moment of magic, he could also make you lose matches single handedly or disrupt the whole team spirit.

However, with the transfer window about to close and Liverpool not having many options, they turned to a player they did not fully understand. And Mario had the most barren spell of his career scoring only one goal.

When Jurgen Klopp, the dynamic modern day attacking coach came in it was thought that maybe he would be able to match the mentality of the egoistic Italian forward and coach him into the world class potential he has the skills for.

However, Klopp too failed to even get him to train sincerely and Balotelli left for France shortly afterwards.

  1. Raul Meireless

There is some flair and dynamism about Portuguese midfielders which the South Americans can relate with but other European countries cannot really control. It was this x factor which made Liverpool sign Raul Meireless.

With Gerrard in the side and Alonso having just left for Real Madrid, Liverpool thought they could spice up the midfield with this Portuguese international. However, he proved to be more temperamental than dynamic and although he did score a few good goals, he never settled in that Liverpool midfield.

He was quickly moved on to Chelsea the next year itself since he flopped at the club.

  1. Lazar Markovic

He was one of Liverpool’s weirdest signings ever. The player was definitely talented. And young. And diverse enough to play on the wing, in front of goal, or as false nine. It looked neat technically. However, he was never going to be a Liverpoo player, with all due respect to him.

Markovic from the start it looked like did not have the materials to play for a big club like Liverpool. The Reds went on to take the ‘Chelsea’ route on him by sending him out on loan a bunch of times to absolutely various leagues and clubs where a player finds it tough to settle in and play new football with new teams every season and hence has no further development. It was an absolute waste of a talent, of Liverpool’s money and a football career.

  1. Andy Carroll: This was the strangest flop for Liverpool. On paper and by logic he had it all to succeed at Anfield. He in fact became the club’s record signing at one point. Liverpool after their record sale of Fernando Torres, needed to strengthen their squad. They signed two players. One was Luis Suarez who came at less than half the price Pool got for Torres and the second was Caroll, who cost as much as 70% of what Torres did.

Carroll back then was a fine young striker who was English bred and used to playing in the North. He was a striker with brute force who knew the English League by the back of his hand. There was talk of him being England’s number one striker and leader of the modern generation of players. This led to Newcastle charging a fortune for Carroll and Liverpool under Dalglish signed him and everyone was convinced that Liverpool got a sweet deal with Carroll banging in goals left right and centre for Newcastle until then.

However, the move ridiculously failed as Carroll was no more than a bit part player for a few seasons and he finally left the club without winning anything or setting any goal scoring record.

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