Liverpool ace Virgil Van Dijk has said that the Reds can fare even better despite having a terrific season.

“That’s something we work towards,” he said. “I feel that (Manchester) City already have that bit of status because they have been dominating last year so much.

“Hopefully we can keep going and make it very difficult for any team in the world.

“We have a great age group. Between 20 and 27, 28, so hopefully we can do it all together for the next couple of years at least and grow as a team and hopefully get a lot of success.”

When asked about the Premier League title race, “If it happens, it happens. We have no influence on that. They have it in their hands,” Van Dijk added.

“We’re still in this season and still anything is possible. If it doesn’t happen then it’s not the end of the world. We’ve had a fantastic season, both of us. Man City have been outstanding as well.

“To compete with them says a lot about how we’re progressing from last year. It’s just the start. It’s not like next year we’re not going to try to do it again. It’s something we have to build on.

“Hopefully ourselves are going to keep challenging for the title. Man City are one of the best teams in the world and they’ve shown it the whole season how difficult they can make it for any team in the world.

“The only thing we can do is try to win both: the Wolves game and the final.

“Deserve is not the right word. We have been outstanding this season and if something happens, everyone can be very proud and happy.”

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