Why Haaland will choose Liverpool over United

Manchester United legend and former England forward Carlton Cole has weighed in on the transfer saga for Erling Haaland.

All four English clubs – Chelsea, Manchester United, Liverpool and Manchester City are interested in signing the young Dortmund striker as he is on red hot form.

However, Cole believes Liverpool has an edge over the likes of United who are no longer the top dog in England.

Cole said: “To get these guys to come, Haaland for instance, you’ve got to entice them with something.

“You’ve got to entice them with the possibility of winning silverware or being a year away from it.

“These guys are going to have other options, possibly Manchester City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Real Madrid, maybe Barcelona.

“If you’re playing and have the option of all these clubs, where would United really figure at this moment in time?

“Even though I love United, I don’t think the club now can ride on its name alone, especially when you’re trying to bring these players in.

“It’s not like when I signed for United. We have to be brutally honest, back then everybody wanted to go there.

“We’re talking 2021 now. Does everyone want to go to United now? I’m not quite sure everyone wants to now.”

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