Why Liverpool cant make mega signings this summer

Liverpool’s season is harrowing down rather fast after an out of the world few months.

Let’s not forget we are still top of the Premier Leage by a mile and the trophy is ours. However, 3 defeats in 4 matches and with Alisson now injured could mean that all we are left with is the Premier League come the end of the season.

It will be a success for sure but also a statement that the squad is not complete. We need more player and big ones.

Hence, the summer becomes very important. However, a rule in the Premier League which says that more than 17 out of 25 players cannot be foreign is something Liverpool are close to breaking.

So signing 2-3 non UK players in the summer will not be feasible. We have already lined up a move for Werner but we do need defensive repalcements as well and hence this rule is something Liverpool will have to think hard and long about before snapping up Werner.

The Reds already have a brillant attacking line up with Origi as back up whereas in defence players like Lovren need to go and Robertson needs at least one back up. 

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