Why Liverpool should back off from the Sancho deal

Jadon Sancho is one of the most sought after players in Europe at the moment. 

However, one club who might not be a good fit for the player is possibly Liverpool. Why?

Steve Mcmanaman explains precisely why.

“I think he’d prefer to go somewhere where he will start week-in and week-out. I don’t think there’s any problem with that,” McManaman told HorseRacing.net.

“The other thing is the cost implications. How much is he going to cost?

“No doubt, he’s an extremely bright prospect, he’s doing really well in Dortmund, he plays regularly and he’s a star there.

“Whether Liverpool would go for him now is something that I don’t know and if he was available, he’d command big money and I presume that there’s a number of clubs that would go for him.

“Jadon could cost £60m/£75m and that’s a lot of money for somebody that young even though he looks a fantastic prospect.

“It’s a big outlay for a player and in all honesty Liverpool’s young players are all doing well themselves and Jurgen Klopp seems to want to give them a go.”

Do you think Liverpool will go for Sancho?

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