What hurts more than losing a title race?

Losing a title race where you were 7 points ahead and ended up with 97 points and only defeat!

That is what at least the Chelsea Women’s manager Emma Hayes believes. She is worried that the title loss will haunt the Reds.

Speaking on The Debate, she said: “There’s one thing I sensed around that time, that they got so excited about winning the title, they perhaps didn’t keep applying the very things that were getting them from game to game, but it’s easy to criticize that.

“When you’re in that position and you start to see that, not being able to close that out, will haunt them.”

“I’ve been in that position and nearly blown it,” said Hayes. “I know how that feels when you’re comfortable and start looking upwards.

“I think when you’re in that position, the most important thing to do when you’ve got excitement is to temper it massively, because it’s just human to feel that way. That’s not criticism – they’ve been absolutely brilliant. But the reality is they were seven points, almost three games, ahead.

“Only the players and manager will know what slipped away at the key moment, irrespective of how fabulous they’ve both been.”

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