Wijnaldum - Liverpool can turn it around

With the title hopes already gone, Liverpool are struggling to make it to the top 4.

However, Wijnaldum believes the Reds have enough game to get the job done.

“This is a new situation we are in right now,” Wijnaldum told Liverpool’s official website.

“In the previous seasons when we created so many chances, we always scored a goal. And now we’re in a period where we create a lot of chances but don’t score the goal.

“It’s frustrating, especially when you’re on the pitch and you’re playing. You don’t want to feel sorry for yourself and don’t want to go into the victim role.

“You just want to deal with the situation and try to bring it to a better end, or a good end, even if you know that you have a lot of injuries. I think that’s how we should look at the situation, not be the victims but just try to turn it around.

“We have a lot of games to turn it around – if we’re going to look at the situation as victims, it’s going to be worse.

“What we can do is just try to give everything, try to keep confident, and work all together to bring it (the season) to a better end.”

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