Wijnaldum Not Willing To Answer Liverpool Contract Queries

Georgino Wijnaldum is not willing to answer any questions about his Liverpool contract extension.

He clearly stated that he wasn’t interested in answering any questions regarding his Liverpool contract. The Liverpool midfielder has a year left on his deal with the Reds.

He told Dutch outlet Het Parool: “I can’t say anything about that. Just ask Liverpool those questions. Don’t they answer?

“I cannot say anything about it, including whether or not there is talk of a new contract between me and Liverpool. Sorry.”

The Reds are in the third place after drawing 1-1 with Manchester City last Sunday. Wijnaldum insists that the entire team is still aiming for the title this year.

He said: “We knew we might not be at the top after this weekend – going to Manchester City is just a tough game – but take it from me: we are just as eager at Liverpool, you know. The group wants more, and the manager is still pushing us.”

However, Netherlands team-mate Virgil van Dijk couldn’t join him ahead of Netherland’s friendly with Spain due to a knee injury.

“It’s a pity that Virgil van Dijk isn’t here because of that knee injury. I talk to him often, but never about soccer,” said Wijnaldum.

“He just has to rehabilitate and be there for his family, and God willing, he will be there next summer. Yes, he is still involved with the team, even though he is not physically here.”

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