Lazio wideman, Bobby Adekanye explains why he turned a three-year contract offered by Liverpool.

Last summer, Adekanye, 21, made the move from Liverpool to Lazio because he felt the club had no plans for him in the future.

Adekanye joined the Reds in 2015. He never played for Liverpool’s first XI during his time at the club. During his departure for Lazio, he was apparently offered a three-year contract.

He later admitted that he saw no future at the club.

“It felt like they were just saying: ‘just sign the contract and we’ll see’, which didn’t look good to me and my family.

“I felt like I was ready to join the first team, even though they have a lot of talent.

“Lazio were very ambitious, and they showed me that they wanted me in the team, and that they had some pretty good plans for the future.”

He has been a regular player in the Lazio first-team this season. That has seen him play seven games and score one goal. In all fairness, it is a decision that has proven justified.

He is still young and has plenty of time for things to work out in his career.


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